Taylor needs answers 💜

The now viral video of the little girl by the name of Taylor is wondering where did former president Barack Obama went. I could not believe that my little cousin video spiraled out of control in the world of social media. Since the video surfaced, she have received calls from major magazine companies such as People Magazine and a few television networks have reached out. It’s amazing how intelligent she is at such a young age. I think we would all agree that she needs a meeting with former president Obama so he could personally explain to Taylor why he had to go. 


No matter the circumstances, always remain humble and the Lord will bless you 💜 I have learned so much about myself this past year than I have my entire life. People will use you, hurt you, and put you through things you would never imagine. Through all of this, remain humble. As the saying goes, Karma always has a way of catching up. Learn to love yourself and everything else will always fall into place. 



Stone Mountain, GA

In life there will always be many obstacles you must overcome. Whether it is school, work, a new workout regimen, there will always be hurdles. Never allow the difficult times bring you down. Remember that it is and will always be apart of the process. Climbing to the top of Stone Mountain in Georgia was a moment of truth. It helped me to realize that no matter how hard the journey is, the reward will always be well worth it. Keep your head held high. Understand that it will never come easy, but the reward will be bitter sweet. 


Marquetta Wilson 

President Barack Obama Farewell Speech 2017

As many of us tune in to the farewell speech of President Barack Obama, (some in tears) What are some of your thoughts on the things that he has accomplished as our Commander in Chief? President Obama stated in his speech a quote from his mother whom he said always told him, “Reality has a way of catching up”. How many of us can agree to this? Our reality is setting in. The past eight years have been tremendously amazing with the Obamas in the White House. Although some may argue that President Obama did not “Change” everything he promised in his elections, many can argue that he was  and is the coolest President hands down. Obama made changes that many could have never imagined happen in their lifetime. Besides, everyone is not perfect right? Job well done Mr. President. Your supporters will miss you and your family dearly. 

Order your “Miracle” today 

Have you ordered your “Miracle” yet? I understand children love toys from Santa around the Holidays, but one of the best gifts you could ever give a child is knowledge. This book is simply amazing. Especially for young children who are exploring their reading abilities. After the excitement of opening Christmas gifts this year, settle down with your child/children and have them read to you “Miracle”. The childrens book was written by author Chanavia Haddock and art work  by Liz Amini-Holmes. Here’s the link where you can order in time for Christmas. https://store.bookbaby.com/book/Miracle 

Christmas Spirit 🎄

Who’s ready for Christmas???? Please remember to shop responsibly. Keep your card information safe and secure. What are some items that are on your Christmas list?? Have you been naughty or nice?? Comment below and tell us what’s on your Christmas list this year. Be sure to spread the Christmas spirit amongst your family, friends, and peers. 💜 

Love Always

Marquetta 💜

Pinterest “No Peak Chicken” 

If you are looking for a delicious quick meal, I strongly recommend you try “No Peak Chicken”. This amazing recipe was found on Pinterest. Of course I had to try it. AMAZING!! After a stressful day, who wants to stand over the hot stove? (Not me) This recipe only calls for a few ingredients and it will leave your house smelling amazing. Here is what you need; 

1. Chicken breast (I used chicken thighs)about six pieces 

2. Cream of mushroom (1 can) 

3. Cream of celery (I used 2 cans) 

4. Water (2 cans but I used chicken broth for flavor) 

5. Uncle Bens  Long Grain Wild Rice 

6. A packet of Lipton onion soup

7. Half of green pepper cut into cubes

~Set your oven to 350 degrees. Combine all ingredients into a greased baking dish. You can add seasoning to your chicken for extra flavor. But not too much. After combining the ingredients cover dish with foil and place it in your oven. Now here’s the thing, NO PEAKING!!!!! After about 2 1/2 hours your meal will be ready for your belly. What ever you do, do not open the foil. 

~The last 5 minutes of baking, remove foil and set oven to broil for a few seconds to brown the top of your chicken. 

*To be sure it’s not too salty, I recommend using half of the Lipton packet and half of the seasoning packet that’s included in the rice. 

Enjoy 😃